B se Nardo Jacket

Büse Motorradbekleidung NARDO TEXTILE JACKET SHORT, BLACK, STRONG! Absolutly sporty tour wonder. The Nardo Jacket fulfil the dream of a sporty tour jacket. Short cutted and equiped with many features it is suitable for an outdoor trip to the city or for a tour to the mountains. What else do you want more? SPORT TIP RATED BEST Magazin 09/2008 The best and resonably priced combination in test!!! The Nardo/Paso combination crystallised in the 1.000 € total package as the best test-suit combination for Sport driver! Magazin 23/2005 The used SaS-Tec Protections achieve the best bump damping value in test. MATERIAL 600 D Textile fabric Schoeller Dynatec® elastic textile fabric Ex-Te Visit For More:: http://www.bogotto.de/motorrad/textiljacken/buese_nardo_jacke_i35_6897_0.htm
Updated 11-Aug-2014